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Waxworms (Galleria mellonella) are a popular treat feeder for reptiles, birds and often used for fishing as well! They are not recommended to be a staple feeder because of their high fat content but they make a good treat and help add a variety to your pets diet. These waxworms do not need to be fed. They are in the last stage of the larvae cycle where they have grown to their largest size. They are the most nutritious at this stage and they are surviving on their own fat storage for energy which is why they begin to grow smaller not larger and begin pupating at room temperature. Waxworms can be stored in the cup they are shipped in and will last for around 1-2 weeks at room temperature. If you want to make them last longer, keep them between 55-60 degrees which will make them go dormant where they will last for up to 8 weeks. A wine cooler is ideal for this, a fridge may be too cold.

Waxworms need to stay in a low humidity environment. Inspect the bugs upon arrival, if the bedding is moist be sure to leave the lid off so it can dry.

When checking on the waxworms be sure to remove any dead (they turn dark) worms and remove any cocoons.

They are shipped in cups that are packaged with alpine shavings for bedding material that is non-toxic to animals.

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