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  • Hornworms (S)

    Hornworms (S)

    These hornworms come shipped in a habitat with food! Hornworms are great for picky eaters and can be a good trick to get your reptile off a hunger strike! They come in an intriguing blue/green color that is sure to catch the eye of your reptile! They are...

    $9.50 - $30.95
  • Buffalo Beetles (S) Buffalo Beetles (S) Buffalo Beetles (S)

    Buffalo Beetles (S)

    These beetles eat the dead, help fight mold, fungi, mites, flies and smell. They can live side by side with roaches without doing any harm and would prolong time between cleanings. They are often used in breeding colonies of dubia roaches. A 10%...

    $11.50 - $36.95
  • Small BSFL Small BSFL Medium BSFL Medium BSFL Large BSFL

    Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) (S)

    Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSFL) are a great staple for a variety of reptiles to due their extremely high calcium content and low fat content. These bugs do NOT need to be dusted down with calcium when being fed to various reptiles! They can be stored at...

    $11.75 - $69.50
  • Mealworms (S) Mealworms (S) Mealworms (S) Mealworms (S) Mealworms (S)

    Mealworms (S)

    Medium Mealworms are 3/4".  Large Mealworms are between 7/8" - 1". Our live Mealworms at All About Feeders are of the highest quality worms on the market! These worms make great food for your pets as well as song birds such as cardinals, blue birds...

    $11.45 - $23.95
  • Superworms (S) Superworms (S) Superworms (S) Superworms (S) Superworms (S)

    Superworms (S)

    Large Superworms are 1.75"   Superworms are used largely as feed for adult reptiles, fish, and birds. Superworms should NOT be confused with mealworms. Superworms are fairly larger and have a softer exoskeleton than mealworms. Also, these superworms...

    $12.50 - $53.95
  • Giant Mealworms (S) Giant Mealworms (S) Giant Mealworms (S) Giant Mealworms (S) Giant Mealworms (S)

    Giant Mealworms (S)

    Giant mealworms are very similar to regular mealworms. The difference between these giants and the regular mealworms is that by changing their housing structure we are able to grow them to a larger size. They are longer and thicker than a regular...

    $12.25 - $38.95
  • Silkworms (S) Silkworms (S) Silkworms (S)

    Silkworms (S)

    Silkworm pods come with silkworms, chow and material for them to climb on. These pods are designed to ...

    $9.95 - $24.95
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