1. Shipping?

  • Overnight and FedEx Shipping options are available at checkout
  • Delivery times on average take 2-3 business days but are NOT guaranteed by USPS and may take longer
  • All orders typically ship out of our facility within 1-2 business days (orders RARELY go out the same day they were placed)
  • We ship Monday through Thursday
  • See our Shipping Page for more details on schedule

2. How long does shipping usually take?

          USPS claims that shipping can take anywhere from 2-4 days depending on your location and if the package is shipped first class or priority.  Sometimes packages do arrive later than expected but we offer live guarantee to cover any issues.

3. How does the Live Guarantee Policy work? 

          If there is a significant amount of death in your order, we ask that you please send us a picture and we will ship you a replacement. Our live arrival guarantee terms may differ for wholesale orders

4. Can I use my points on a subscription order?

         The answer is no. We are working on it but currently at the moment that feature is not available. In order to use your accumulated points, you have to pause your subscription and place a manual order using your points. You can then resume your subscription when you are ready for your next order.

5. How do I check how many points I’ve accumulated?

         To check you points, To check you points, log into your account and there should be a little green bubble in the bottom right hand corner when you scroll down (Rewards Program). Click on the green bubble and it will show you how many points you have!


6. Can Wholesale customers earn points?

          No, Wholesale customers are unable to earn points on purchases. Only Retail customers can earn points.

7. How do I refer a friend?

         To Refer a Friend,  log into your account and there should be a little green bubble in the bottom right hand corner (Rewards Program). Click on the green bubble. Scroll down to the 'Refer your friends' section.  Use the options to email, use facebook or twitter to send a link to a friend. Your friend will receive a coupon code for 10% off their first order. When you friend makes their first order you will receive a $10 off coupon code.

8. Do you offer any special discounts/pricing for wholesale quantities of roaches?

         We do offer special pricing for wholesale/breeder quantities. There is a wholesale registration form you can fill out on the website. 

9. How do I decide if I should have my package HOLD for pickup at the post office?

         For the greatest chance of survival of the roaches, we recommend to have your package held for pickup at the post office when temperature are below freezing or above 85 degrees. 

10. It doesn't look like I received as many bugs as I ordered, even though the quantity on the bag is what I ordered.

         Often times looks can be deceiving, especially with the smaller sizes. If you think you were shorted we encourage you to count out at  least 100 and compare them to the rest of your order. The number of roaches you received should then become more clear. 


11. My roaches are smaller than what I expected, what should i do?

         First thing to do is find a ruler or tape measure and measure several of them to see what size the average is. Check our website to see if the  average size is in fact the size we sell them at or not. If they are smaller than what that should be contact us with pictures and we will take care of it. 

12.  Receive error on Payment Processing?

        Check to make sure the address and zip code you enter matches exactly to the address and zip associated with the credit card you are using. These MUST match in order for the order to go through