About Us

In 2017, All About Feeders was started by a father and son in the basement of their home in a small town outside of Cleveland, Ohio. They only raised dubia roaches in their basement but as the business began to grow, they started hiring the first employees of AAFeeders! The dad was still working his full time construction job while the son was studying engineering out of state. The wife was amazingly tolerating the thousands of cockroaches in her basement! By 2018, the business had quickly outgrown the basement and was moved into a much more spacious pole barn. 

The year 2020 was a wild road for the business as online sales increased dramatically and the workplace as we knew it was changing in many ways! New procedures and mindsets had to be put in place to keep everyone safe. The team pulled together to help implement new COVID protocols in order to keep everyone at work. They also strategized ways to produce more bugs to keep up with the increase in demand!

At the beginning of 2023, the business had, yet again, outgrown its home! A much larger building was acquired and a lot of work and time went into making the new building the perfect home for All About Feeders! Today, the father and son duo work together to keep the business running smoothly! The father works closely with the team on a daily basis and the son takes care of a lot of the behind the scenes duties as well as working full time at a nearby company in another sort of food industry!