Save Big



A subscription order is a great way to save 10% on each order, build up reward points and receive a consistent shipment of bugs. Clicking on Subscriptions under Categories on the left side of the page will take you to a page will all the bugs that we offer subscriptions for. These subscriptions, also called Recurring Orders can be set to reoccur every 1,2,3,4,6,or 8 weeks. Once logged in you can change these subscriptions by pausing or canceling them and placing new ones. We can also adjust the weekly occurrence if you send an email to


  • Reward points can be earned from recurring orders bug can NOT be used on recurring orders.


Reward Points:

Reward points can be earned from every order once you create an account and place each order through this account. These points can later be redeemed for a coupon code worth a certain dollar amount off your order. Your accumulation points can be viewed by logging in and clicking on the green bubble in the bottom right corner (Rewards Program). Every $1 spent earns 10 points. Every 500 points earns you a coupon code worth $5 off your next order. (1000 points = $10 , 2500 points = $25)


  • Reward points can be earned from recurring orders but can NOT used on recurring orders.


Referring a Friend:

When referring a friend, your friend will receive a coupon code for 10% off their first order. When your friend makes their first order, you will receive a $10 off coupon code.

To refer a friend, log into your account and there will be a little green bubble in the bottom right hand corner (Rewards Program). Click on the green bubble. Scroll down to the ‘Refer your friends’ section. Use the option to email, use Facebook or twitter to send a link to a friend.


Bundle Packs:

Bundle Packs can be found under categories and are a great way to save big by ordering multiple bugs at once. We offer 3 different size bundle packs at a 20% savings off our original prices for BSFL and Lesser worms and 10% off dubia roaches. The build your own bundle pack can be used to create a custom pack of different size and variety of bugs to suite you needs, also at a 10%-20% savings from the original price of the bugs if they were to be bought separately from out website.


Free Shipping:

Every product on our website instantly qualifies for FREE USPS shipping. No matter how many bugs, supplements, fake plants, bowls, or hides you order, USPS shipping is free!

*During extreme cold or hot temperatures, FedEx shipping ($5) is strongly recommended


Drop Downs:

 On almost all our bugs there are drop down menus that offer a wide variety of Repashy Foods at a discount compared to if you bought it separately. Also, some of our bugs like Dubias have drop down menus for other bugs like BSFL (black soldier fly larvae) and Lesser worms (buffalo beetle larvae) at a discounted price compared to if you bought it separately as well.


Fee Bugs:

We offer 100 free lesser worms to try out and see if your reptile like them. They can be found by clicking on the cleaner crew under categories on the left side of the page. Lesser worms are a great feeder for baby bearded dragons and other small reptiles. They are a less common feeder bug and most people haven’t heard of them so that is why we offer 100 free to see what your pet thinks of them.