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These hornworms come shipped in a habitat with food! Hornworms are great for picky eaters and can be a good trick to get your reptile off a hunger strike! They come in an intriguing blue/green color that is sure to catch the eye of your reptile! They are a good treat due to their high water content which will help re-hydrate your reptile! Both the 12 count and the 25 count come with the same amount of food. The 12 count hornworm cups will have enough food to grow them to their full 3”-4” length while the 25 count hornworm cups will run out of food when the worms reach about 1.5”-2” in length.

Keep the cup upside down and either prop up the bottom or place it on a screen or grate so fresh air can flow through the habitat. If you'd like your worms to grow to their full size, keep them at 82°.  If you keep them at 55° you will slow down their growth rate. Hornworms usually double in size when kept at warmer temperatures.  If your worms are not growing fast enough, or are too small, place them in a warm location and they will grow extremely quick.

Shake out the droppings, yellow little 'kernels', so they don’t build up to quickly.


These hornworms are about ½” long when shipped out and they will grow slightly throughout transit, especially during warm summer months.



1 Review

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    What a Joy

    Posted by Atasha on Dec 7th 2019

    This was my first order of hornworms and it was such an interesting experience watching how quickly they grew. My beardies absolutely loved them. I should have gotten more than the 24 because between the 3 beardies, they didn't last very long

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