Lesser Worms (Buffalo Beetle Larvae)

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These  Lesser Worms are the larvae of the cleaner beetles or buffalo beetles! They are an excellent feeder for small reptiles such as baby bearded dragons, baby geckos, baby chameleons or anoles due to their small size. They are 5-10mm in length and are full grown at this size! They are high in protein and unlike regular mealworms they have a soft outer shell that is easily digestible. These worms stay alive at room temperature. They live in and eat oats as well potatoes, apples and other fruits and vegetables. If you put these worms into a roach colony they will morph into cleaner beetles overtime and help keep the tub clean and smell free! 

1 Review

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    arrived alive! no problems.

    Posted by randall arms on Sep 7th 2019

    same as review

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