Small Superworms

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Small Superworms are 3/4"


Superworms are used largely as feed for adult reptiles, fish, and birds. Superworms should NOT be confused with mealworms. Superworms are fairly larger and have a harder exoskeleton than mealworms. Also, these superworms can NOT be refrigerated and will die if they are refrigerated.  As long as these worms are kept in contact with other worms they will remain in this stage of life and will NOT pupate! These superworms are very fast and lively and are easily digested.  Whether they be for your family pet, fishing, or wild song birds buy Superworms from All About feeders online today and get them shipped directly to your door!


Our Superworms are shipped in a sealed cloth bag inside of the shipping box. They are NOT loose in the shipping box. 

2 Reviews

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    Posted by Kara on Dec 22nd 2019

    Hornworms are the best quality I've ever gotten. They were over counted and only one didnt live. (I'm pretty sure the box was shaken alot during delivery because they were all on the bottom of the container). Aafeeders contacted me to see if I wanted large since their littles wouldnt be ready until a week later. Most places would have just sent it without asking. Very pleased.

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    Posted by Mackenzie DePaul on Aug 17th 2019

    No worms were dead on arrival, and they were all uniform size.

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