Small Bundle Pack

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20% Savings:
Small Dubia Roaches:
Lesser Worms:
Small Phoenix Worms:
1 cup (150 worms)
Super Worms:

Want to diversify your pets diet? Not sure exactly what feeders are your new pets favorite? This bundle pack is just what you need! The best part about purchasing this bundle pack instead of everything individually is the 20% savings!

The small bundle pack is ideal for small pets or new hatchlings. This bundle pack is a great option for baby bearded dragons, baby chameleons, baby to juvenile leopard geckos and various other small reptiles! The dubias, phoenix worms and lesser worms are all about 3/8” long and smaller! Small superworms are about ¾” long. These feeders are all great sources of nutrition and help to diversify your pets diet. Having diversity in your pets diet will help keep them happy and healthy! Add your choice of Repashy Superfoods to give your pet one more source of nutrition and flavor in their diet.


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