Marvel Comics Hammock

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These soft and decorative hammocks are a wonderful addition to any enclosure! We use them in some of our own bearded dragon enclosures and some use them to bask and lay on while others like to hide under them to sleep or relax! All hammocks have a fancy designer fleece fabric on one side and a solid black fleece fabric on the other side.

They are roughly 24”x16”x16” and made to fit in the corner of an enclosure. Every hammock has 3 metal grommets built into them to hang hooks on. They also come with 3 sticky hooks to attach the hammock to the walls.The hammocks are prewashed to preshrink the fabric. The hammocks can be washed in cold or warm water and machine dried.
These sticky hooks are very easy to install, simply clean and dry the surface of the enclosure, peel the plastic film off the sticky hook, do not touch the adhesive, and apply the hook to the enclosure while applying pressure to the hook for 30-60 seconds. After about an hour of letting the hooks set you can place the hammock on them. These hooks can hold up to 8lbs per hook for extended periods of time. These hooks stick to a large variety of surfaces such as, Bricks, Glass, Metal, Smooth Wood, Plank, Metal, Stainless Steel. They do not stick well to painted walls. They are waterproof and oilproof, high and low temperature resistance.To remove the hooks simply apply heat with a blow dryer and slowly peel away from the wall.
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