Large Superworms

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Large Superworms are 1.75"


Superworms are used largely as feed for adult reptiles, fish, and birds. Superworms should NOT be confused with mealworms. Superworms are fairly larger and have a harder exoskeleton than mealworms. Also, these superworms can NOT be refrigerated and will die if they are refrigerated.  As long as these worms are kept in contact with other worms they will remain in this stage of life and will NOT pupate! These superworms are very fast and lively and are easily digested.  Whether they be for your family pet, fishing, or wild song birds buy Superworms from All About feeders online today and get them shipped directly to your door!


Our Superworms are shipped in a sealed cloth bag inside of the shipping box. They are NOT loose in the shipping box. 

13 Reviews

  • 5
    Great feeders

    Posted by Carol Baird on Oct 11th 2019

    Super feeders and super service

  • 5
    Super worms

    Posted by James Borah on Sep 29th 2019

    Alive and healthy looking hardly any dead loss

  • 5
    Best feeders supplier

    Posted by Carol Baird on Sep 25th 2019

    This is the best place I have ever used . The super worms are delivered on time and very well packed all are a live and good health shape . Will not use no one else . Great serviced

  • 5
    Great service and the feeders are awesome

    Posted by Carol Baird on Aug 30th 2019

    This is the best place to get your feeders . I want go anywhere else but here for my feeders. Delivered to my front door very well packed all are still alive and are big worms . I am very pleased . Thanks guys

  • 5
    Carol Baird

    Posted by Carol Baird on Jul 22nd 2019

    Carol Baird
    I love getting my feeders from here . They are alive and big worms . I want buy anywhere else but here . You guys ROCK !!!!

  • 5
    Lg superworms

    Posted by Amanda Gray Anders on Jul 11th 2019

    Great seller...great service...great product...all healthy and alive...thanks.

  • 5
    Large Super Worms

    Posted by Tammy Matthews on Jun 27th 2019

    These worms arrived in great condition and a very nice size!!

  • 5
    Super worms

    Posted by Carol Baird on Jun 7th 2019

    Super worms are all alive and they live a long time too . Super company to buy you feeders from fast and on time .

  • 5
    My orders

    Posted by Carol Baird on May 18th 2019

    I started ordering from this company and I have be very very please my super worms are all alive and doing good . Super people to use on your feeder items

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