​All About Black Soldier Fly Larvae!

As reptile owners, most of us are dedicated to finding and supplying the best feeder insects for our pets. We want to offer a well balanced and nutritionally dense variety of food for our animals. There are many great bugs to choose from when looking for staple feeders but very few compare to the nutritional value and deliciousness of Black Soldier Fly Larvae.

What are Black Soldier Fly Larvae? Black soldier fly larvae, also called BSFL, are the larvae of the black soldier fly or Hermetia Illucens. These worms are commonly known by a few brand names such as Phoenix Worms, ClaciWorms and ReptiWorms. BSFL are small segmented grubs that are brown or tan and have some tiny hairs. These bugs are extremely nutrient dense and are known to be very high in calcium.

Because they have a balanced calcium to phosphorus ratio, there is no need to dust these feeders with calcium before feeding. They also do not need to be gut-loaded before feeding. BSFL are also very appetizing to most animals due to the way that they move. Even if they are picky eaters, most animals can’t resist snacking on a good BSFL! When kept at room temperature or warmer, they may turn into flies faster. To avoid ending up with flies, it is best to order just the amount that you will be able to feed off within about a week. Keeping them at cooler temps, closer to 60 degrees, can help slow down the process and make the larvae last longer. Some animals love chasing and eating the flies too, though! Chameleons and even sometimes bearded dragons love hunting for the black soldier flies.

Although it is always good to provide a variety of food for your pets, BSFL can be considered one of the best staple feeders for your pet reptiles. They are amazing and can help you achieve an extremely balanced diet for your pets. They contain a good amount of protein and a lot of calcium. Calcium is extremely important for reptiles to avoid metabolic bone disease as well as other issues. BSFL are also completely harmless to you and your pets. They won’t bite or hurt you in any way. They also don’t make any noise, don’t need to be fed or watered, can be stored in the container that they are shipped in

BSFL can be added onto any roach or superworm order for a discounted price. We ship our BSFL in 3oz, 8oz or 16oz deli cups depending on the quantity. They are shipped with no bedding or food as we have found that it is unnecessary. Leaving them without bedding makes it easier to grab the bugs and feed them to your pets without them consuming the bedding. We highly recommend BSFL for picky eaters and young animals. We are happy to answer all of your questions about BSFL! Just send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.