Instagram Feature

Do you want to be featured on our Instagram Page?


Interested in having your favorite pet featured on our Instagram page?! Whether it be your bearded dragon, leopard gecko or even your spider or scorpion we want to feature them on our Instagram page! Whatever your favorite pet may be we want to feature them on our Instagram page. We have included examples of some of the pets we have featured on our page and the pictures they took. We will feature your pet either on our story, page or possibly even both! 
Here is how to be featured on our Instagram page:
1) Buy a set of 10 business cards  (Under Hard Goods)
            *  Free with the purchase of anything else in our store
2) Take pictures of your reptile with our business cards
3) Be creative with the pictures!
4) Send the pictures over Instagrams Direct Message 
5) Be featured on our Instagram 
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 See Examples Below:  
Example below and on Carousel compliments of @reptileryguy and @meepy_creepy