Why Hold For Pickup is so Important

Apr 14th 2024

To a lot of people, holding their feeders for pickup seems like an unnecessary hassle. In fact, the hold for pickup option is a great way to ensure that your bugs are alive on arrival. Although you may think that you are your mail carrier’s first stop, the mail trucks are typically not temperature controlled and their routes can vary day by day. We also have no way to know how long they sit in the trucks before they reach their destination. On top of that, when orders are not held, we risk them sitting outside or in a mailbox for an unknown period of time. When you hold your order for pickup, this ensures that your bugs will be sitting inside your post office and will not be sitting outside in the heat or cold. The hold for pickup option also gives you our live arrival guarantee. This means that in the case that anything does happen to your bugs, you will be able to receive a refund or a replacement. We highly recommend that all post office orders are held for pickup. It is a simple step that could save you some money and get your bugs to you in a timely fashion.