Tips for Ordering Live Animals During Winter

Dec 2nd 2022

A lot of people with pet reptiles order their pet’s feeders online. Ordering feeders online is extremely convenient and is typically the easiest way to feed your pets. You can place an order with your favorite company and your feeders will show up on your doorstep before you know it! Shipping live animals does come with its own set of struggles and risks. One of the hardest times of the year to ship live insects is winter. Although the bugs, specifically the dubia roaches, are quite hardy, one thing that is hard for them to live through is cold temperatures. There are a couple of things that you can do to ensure the best experience when ordering insects online.

The first way that you can help your feeders get to you alive is to have them held for pickup at the post office. This is a simple step that could make a huge difference in the condition of your bugs when you get them. The carriers’ vehicles are usually not temperature controlled. Typically, if it is cold outside, it is cold in your mailman’s truck. Having your bugs held at the post office will eliminate the chance of your bugs sitting in a cold truck all day. The bugs will be waiting for you inside the nice, temperature controlled post office!

Another way to help your bugs have a safe trip is to cut down on their transit time. Choosing a faster shipping method is the best way to cut down on death in your live animal orders. We have expedited shipping options for as low as $5. The shipping method that you choose could be the difference between your bugs being dead or alive upon arrival. We have a lot of experience shipping bugs and we always recommend the shipping option that we have the best experience with.

Regardless of your chosen shipping method, it is super important to keep an eye on your tracking information. Your tracking number can give you a lot of info on the location of your package. It can tell you where the package is currently, when it is expected to be delivered and as soon as it actually is delivered. You can use all of this information to make sure that you bring the package in as soon as it is delivered. Bugs may appear to be dead when they are first brought in from the cold but many times, they have just gone dormant and they will wake up and become lively within an hour or two. If the bugs do not wake up, it is important to take photos and contact us as soon as possible to let us know that your bugs are dead.

Before placing your order, we highly recommend that you check out the terms of our live arrival guarantee. These terms tell you what you need to do on your end to ensure that you are covered under our guarantee should the bugs arrive dead. If your order is not covered under the guarantee, you may not be able to receive compensation if the bugs are dead on arrival.

If you take all of the proper steps when ordering your feeders, you should not have a problem receiving your bugs during the winter. If you should have any problems, we are here for you and we are always willing to work out a solution for any issues that you may have.