Small Breeding Kit

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Includes 15% off on Dubia Roaches:
Egg Cartons:
Chow Pellets:
Dubia Roaches:
3 Male/ 6 Female : 100 Mixed (33sm, 33med, 33lg)

This kit is ideal for someone who is just getting started breeding dubias. Breeding dubias is fairly easy to do when you have the proper setup that this kit helps you achieve! The adults will start breeding and producing nymphs within the first 30-45 days on average. The 100 mixed dubias will grow quickly and after some time turn into adults! The chow and gel will last 3-5 weeks depending on how many fruits and vegetables they are offered. The cleaner crew is a great option. They are buffalo beetles which help eat the dead dubias to keep the colony clean and as smell free as possible. Within a few months you can start to create a small established colony from this kit. To achieve the most production from the colony keep the temperature between 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit with 85 being ideal. Also keep the humidity between 40-60% with around 50% being ideal. This kit includes everything you need except for the container to house them in, a heat source and fresh fruits.



1 Review

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    Small Breeding Kit

    Posted by Mike McCubbin on Oct 20th 2019

    I was over all pleased with my breeding kit. It was deli ered in a timely manner an the kit contained everything it was suppose to have. All dubias arrived alive except one of the breeder males. Will deff order from again.

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